About Jess Flynn

Hi, I'm Jess!

A small business consultant with a passion for inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs at all stages to dream up and achieve big things.

I've been both an educator and an entrepreneur for over a decade, and I know what it takes to build, launch and run a successful small business.

Let me pop-in to your business and help you reach your big goals!

I love the world of entrepreneurship because it's so full of possibilities AND solutions!

Over the past 12 years, I've taught high school and created+ launched several successful businesses at the same time.

One of my greatest strengths is being able to clearly see and set a vision, and then break that big-picture vision into small, actionable, and timely goals. Dreaming big is great, but being able to set a plan in place that will turn those dreams into your reality is my superpower.

I've created several of my own businesses providing anything from construction and project management services to event rental venues and planning. I'm currently serving my local community as a volunteer member of the Collingwood BIA's Promotions Advisory Committee (taking on such projects as the 2021 International Women's Day- Female Business Owner poster campaign, as well as acting as Chair for Collingwood's first Fashion Week).

I LOVE small businesses because of the people who dream them up and have the courage to offer their hearts out to the world. Entrepreneurs turn vision into action, and I'm here to help you do that in whatever way you need.

"Excellent, excellent, astonishing, purposeful, extremely well thought out and thoroughly organized, developing collaboration, informative and a pack of fun!"

- Kathleen Roth on Jess' work on Collingwood's Fashion Week 2021.

A few of my favourite things...

Slow mornings with my little family

Parenting my two babes (alongside my incredible partner and honest-to-goodness best friend) is truly the biggest joy of my life. Although MANY moments are difficult, everyday I reflect on how grateful I am to be their mama, and to have the ability to be present as they grow.

Enjoying the beauty of Georgian Bay

The waters of Georgian Bay pulled me here when I was only 22 years old. I started a life here based on that magnetism alone, and have never looked back. Whether it's swimming, boating, or simply a quick walk to and from the shore to refill my cup, Georgian Bay has my heart for the long haul.

Supporting the next generation of leaders

While pursuing my own entrepreneurial dreams, I just couldn't leave my love of teaching and passion for working with young people behind. This why I'm leading a team to grow The You Power Project - offering high quality virtual empowerment programming to kids ages 12+

Your small business could use some creative, efficient problem-solving

Great news! I'm ready to pop-in and provide a custom solution to your unique and ever-changing business needs.

My Passion Project: Preparing the next generation of change makers

A true passion project recently has been the launch of our sister company The Youth Empowerment Project (or the YOU Power Project for short).

Our youth programs helps kids from 12+ explore their unique potential through the exploration of business and entrepreneurship.

Check out our current program offerings and start dates over at www.theyoupowerproject.com