What is a "Flynn Collaboration"?

I'm your pop-in Business Bestie, offering custom solutions for small businesses

You're a small business owner who needs help, but you...

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What collaborating with me looks like:

Think Tank Session


This is an action-packed, efficient option to get you on track with your goals. We hop on a call for up to two hours to discuss your specific issue, problem or need. You'll get 1:1 virtual support with my undivided attention on you and your business. 

After going over the big picture, we will collaborate to come up with your actionable next steps to move the needle in the right direction. We'll have a follow up call in 10 days to celebrate your wins and strategize through your roadblocks. 

Tag me in to help you find clarity and offer actionable solutions for your major pain points. 


Co-working Session


Looking for focused, personalized support to help you achieve your business goals? Struggling to stay productive and motivated? Need to get some S**** done?! I'd love to hang with you in this 1:1 custom coworking session!

As your Productivity Master, Pop-in-Business-Partner, and Biz-Bestie, I'm here to help CRUSH your to-do list so you can get your business to the next level. During our 1:1 coworking session,  we'll divvy up some tasks and I'll work with you to help you stay focused and achieve your goals, all while having some fun!

Here's what you can expect from this session:

If you're ready to tackle that list with intensity, tag me in! 


Monthly Consulting Package

$1555/ month

This package is also referred to as "Your Subscription to Jess". Unlimited email access + up to four hours of virtual 1:1 calls (booked in minimum 1-hour blocks). I serve as your pop-in business partner to collaborate with and support you as you streamline and organize your business and systems. 

*New clients begin with a three-month commitment, with first-come-first-serve access to my monthly client list after that.  



Are you looking to take your business to the next level with a powerful online presence? Do you want to make sure your website is optimized for success? Look no further!

I offer website builds and audits to help businesses like yours reach their full potential. Whether you're starting from scratch or need a refresh, I'm here to help you create a website that showcases your unique brand and drives results.

Here's what you can expect:

Website Audits, $888.00

Website Builds, Starting at $3333.00 

Exciting new website and branding services in collaboration with Creative by Caitlin coming soon!

I'm here to help you create a website that not only looks great but also delivers results. I'll work closely with you to understand your business, your audience, and your goals, so we can build a website that meets your unique needs and your budget. 

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how I can help amplify your website game.


VIP Gold Package


VIP GOLD?! Oh yes. You read that right.  This is a collaborative support package, pulling together the BEST female business coaches in town. This 2 day adventure is for you if:

The 2 Day Retreat Experience:

Supported by 3 coaches and pampered in Collingwood's hottest new boutique hotel

Collaboration is KEY when it comes to success in life and in business. I mean, I named my business after the concept of collabs and community! Amanda and Jenn are not only my soul-sisters, but two major reasons I am the confident, capable, business woman that I am. Get yourself and your business to where you want to be (and get there faster than you ever thought possible). 


Project Specific (Custom) Support

Investment Varies 

If you need ME to implement some of the ideas and strategies we've come up with, then a custom project package is designed to deliver exactly what you need. I take leadership over one specific project you need done, and I do it well (or recommend you to one of our community professionals who can deliver the result I know you need). 

Clients love the ability to choose (and pay for) only the things they need. We can create simple solutions or put together a complex, multi-faceted approach. It's all about figuring out what YOU need, and then MAKING IT HAPPEN! 


"Jessica Flynn is THE pop-in business owner you want to have in your corner! Whether you need clarity in your vision, a think tank of ideas, or all hands on deck for project-specific work, Jessica is AMAZING! Her passion, drive, quality of work, and level of commitment to your business is just about as good as cloning yourself! Jessica popped into my business when I needed MAJOR support, and not only was she able to hit the ground running, but she also gave me the support I needed to get me free from the weeds and lit a spark under me to feel the passion in my work. I HIGHLY recommend Jessica for any and all of your business needs. Trust me when I say, your future self will thank you (AND Jess) for tagging her into your business! "

Amanda, Owner The Monarch & Co. 

Connection Call

Know you need help but not sure what that even looks like? 

Let's chat about it! Booking a 30 minute Connection Call is the best way for us to connect for the first time, for me to learn about your unique needs and to them formulate suggestions for next steps.

You don't need to hire another full- time employee to help you solve your small business problems. 

You need a pop-in business partner who can see the big picture, design an effective plan, and execute professionally and efficiently. 

Has the stress and daily task management of running your business stolen your joy? Let me help you fall back in love with what you do!